Vitreo-Retinal Surgery

Congratulations to Rev Cycle Ninjas Mel Nygord and Allison Mena for being 7x more productive than the national average.
Allison and Mel at Vitreo-Retinal Surgery are top-performers when it comes to revenue cycle productivity, and that is why they are celebrated as Revenue Cycle Ninjas. From the beginning, this team has been patient and persistent. They followed the process, analyzed the data, and put automation into place bit by bit. They understood the value of increasing their productivity and saving time and money for the practice.
When they began measuring Encounters per Hour (EPH) at the end of 2018, they were already at 82 EPH because of the automation and rules they were building. However, they knew they were capable of more. Brenda Reinhardt led the charge for her team, and Mel and Allison put those changes into action.
"It's been fun setting up lightning rules and edits by payers. The amount of time we've saved in posting charges has been incredible. The staff at White Plume have been so helpful and made it a joy to customize our data."
Mel Nygord

"The lightning rules that White Plume has customized for our practice have increased our speed and reduced claim errors drastically since our implementation."

Allison Mena
Mid-way through 2020, this team has reached an outstanding level of revenue cycle productivity, with an EPH of 114. This is already over 5x more productive than the national average. However, once again, these Ninjas knew that there was still room to improve.
Now, even after a tumultuous year in 2020, the Revenue Cycle Ninjas at Vitreo-Retinal Surgery are entering 2021 with an EPH of 161. That is over 7x more productive than the national average. Mel and Allison are saving 1,124 hours per month compared with their peers.
"I am truly thankful for the hard work and expertise both Allison and Mel bring to our team. The knowledge they were able to use to build rules by carriers not only sped up the posting process but also helped get the money in the door much quicker. I am so grateful for both of these outstanding individuals."
Brenda Reinhardt, Business Office Manager
"We've always known that Allison and Mel are Rockstars! It's fun to see that they are also 'off the charts' for their personal productivity amongst their peers. Way to go Allison and Mel. We are proud of you!"
Scott Heintzeman, COO
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