White Glove Practice Optimization
for Rapid, Sustainable Business

Our smart-technology driven service can improve critical revenue cycle efficiency by and average of 1,347% creating SUBSTANTIAL COST SAVINGS for sustainable business improvement with full contractual outcomes commitment.

See a comprehensive example of what the White Glove approach can do for you.


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for the AI Era

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See a comprehensive example of what the White Glove approach can do for you.

The White Glove Approach for Sustainable Business Improvement

The nationwide lockdown controls to prevent coronavirus spread have created an extraordinary financial burden for medical practices. Full business recovery will require rapid, extensive efficiency gains and cost savings in order to recoup the severe losses in revenue. Our White Glove technology-driven service are deployed quickly, and performance results are seen in the first month.
Our White Glove service blends intelligent, smart rules software that attaches seamlessly to your EMR and analytics-informed expertise – developed from over 25 years of experience.

Eliminating Fear and Risk with Our White Glove Commitment to Outcomes

Business Recovery must start now. Consequently, decisions must be made rapidly, solutions deployed quickly with predictable, fast results. To erase normal uncertainty we’ve made it simple. We contractually commit to and go at risk for a minimum performance of 500% above pre-crisis national averages in our contract. As a result, the top fifty percent of our White Glove clients achieve 1,928% improvement.
The power of our software, the precision of our analytics, the extremely experienced team and repeated customer results give us the confidence to aggressively contract with an at risk performance outcome commitment.
We are literally just selling fast results that your practice can count on to accelerate full recovery.

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The White Glove Commitment

At White Glove we don’t just talk about the performance improvement and efficiency outcomes—we contractually commit to them or get your money back, no questions asked.

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